Courtesy of Napa Valley Register

The Kaiser Permanente Napa Valley Marathon contributed nearly $50,000 this year to support students and athletes who attend schools in the Napa Valley, send middle school students to camp and aid the Napa Valley Food Bank.

Some $30,000 was donated directly to school clubs and groups who volunteered to help at the race, and through the marathon’s ongoing scholarships to high school seniors who are scholar-athletes.

Twelve graduating seniors each received a $1,000 scholarship in 2014. School clubs and nonprofit organizations that provide volunteers for the marathon received about an additional $17,500.

The marathon donated $10,000 to the Napa Valley Food Bank. In addition, the Napa Valley Marathon gave $10,000 in scholarships for Redwood Middle School students to attend outdoor education at Catalina Island Marine Institute.

These scholarships started at the request of Redwood teacher Jennifer Landrith Stitt, a member of the Napa Valley Marathon board of directors who passed away suddenly in the fall of 2009.

In 2014, 40 scholarships, ranging from $100 to $500 for a total of $10,000, were awarded to students from Redwood Middle School.

“Often at the beginning of the trip planning I have students who take the information flier and then tell me that they won’t be able to attend because their families can’t afford it,” said Betsy Whitte, Redwood’s lead trip teacher. “Because of the NVM scholarship, I am able to tell them ‘yes, there is a way for you to go!'”