For Immediate Release:
October 25, 2017

Michelle La Sala

Napa Valley Marathon to Aid Regional Recovery from Devastating Wildfires
Runners around the world can join the race’s efforts to help uplift the victims of the natural disaster.

As friends and neighbors near and dear to the Kaiser Permanente Napa Valley Marathon begin the long process of recovering from the wildfires that destroyed many parts of the region, the race organization is forging on with new purpose and determination to play a part in rebuilding the community.

While the marathon course remains largely unscathed—thanks to the heroic work of first responders from California and beyond—the east side of the Silverado Trail has experienced some burning down to the road where the race takes place. The majority of the wineries along the 26.2 miles thankfully remain standing. At this point, the course will remain unchanged in 2018 and officials look forward to welcoming participants and spectators to the Valley at a time when the community will need a boost most.

“The marathon has traditionally been the largest participatory sports event in Napa Valley,” said Rich Benyo, co-race director and president of the Napa Valley Marathon board of directors. “Our charity donations have always benefited those within the Valley. Considering the extent of the devastating fires that ravaged the homes of our friends, we’re pulling together to do what we can do to help the effort of recovery.”

The 40th Annual Napa Valley Marathon on March 4, 2018, is offering three ways for runners of all ages and abilities to get involved in the race while contributing to relief efforts:

1. Register by October 31, 2018: A portion of entry fees from runners who sign up for the race by this date will benefit the North Bay Fire Relief Fund.

2. Become a 2018 Napa Valley Marathon virtual runner: If you can’t make the trip to wine country, you can still support the efforts. All virtual runners will receive a shirt and medal—and $75 of the $100 registration fee will be donated to the North Bay Fire Relief Fund.

3. Make a donation now: A GoFundMe drive has been created for anybody to give needed funds to the relief effort. All money collected will go to the North Bay Fire Relief Fund.

To find out more about the Napa Valley Marathon and to register, please visit our website at