Boston Rush and RRCA Nationals

Boston Rush
The 2013 KPNVM is NOT a qualifier for the 2013 Boston Marathon. Runners who meet the Boston Marathon qualifying standards at Napa in 2013 will qualify for Boston 2014. For information on the relaxed Boston Marathon qualifying times, visit the Boston Athletic Association website:

RRCA Nationals
The 2013 edition of the KPNVM has again been selected by the Road Runners Club of America as its National Marathon Championships. In 1996 the race served as the RRCA California Marathon Championships and in 1997 as the Western Regional Championships; and from 1998-2008 it was the RRCA National Marathon Championships. Once again this year, special commemorative etched wine bottles will be presented to the open and masters male and female winners of the race. The open winners will also receive their weight in fine Napa Valley wines provided by the Silverado Trail Wineries Association. The race is limited to the first 2,600 runners to register. Runners must be at least 18 years of age. Unofficial runners will not be allowed on the course. In accordance with USATF and RRCA guidelines, headphones are not allowed and violators will be disqualified. Please see our disclosure regarding headphones in another area on this website.